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Tour Rates

Per Passenger: $75us pp


Which Maya Temples should I choose?

Choosing the Temples which are right for you does depend on personal preference and not difficulty of the Ruins.  The length of Tour also will make a decisive factor.  Altun Ha is perhaps one of the easiest Maya Temples to explore due to proximity to Belize City.  Lamanai is perhaps the most exotic location due to the boat ride on the New River, if you ever wanted to be on a National Geographic Magazine documentary Lamanai is for you!  Xanantunich will take you to the edge of Belize between Belize and the Guatemala border, the landscape at Xanantunich (as well the incredible Ruins) is truly mesmerizing.


How do we get there?

The Tours start from Belize City which will also offer you a Belize City Tour on the way to the Maya Temples as well as upon your return at the end of the Tour.  All tours are organized in small groups, we only utilize 14 to 16 seater vans for the travel to the Temples.  All vans have A/C and come with your own Guide and Driver.  Our Guides are bi-lingual in English and Spanish upon request.  All  Tours in Belize require a minimum of 50 minutes of Travel time from Belize City, the private comfortable vans will make a difference in your travels enjoyment.

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One of our many brand new air conditioned vans awaiting our clients at the Port of Belize City in Belize.




On the New River the boat is readied for the journey upriver to reach Lamanai Reserve.


The upriver exploration is simply magical, reminiscent of a Hollywood movie, you will travel through the spectacular New River.



The entrance to the lush Lamanai Maya Temples







Belize Lamanai Maya Ruins


This Lamanai Belize City Excursion is simply magical.  Lamanai is one of the largest Mayan sites in Belize, expanding over a huge expanse on the Belize New River, the Lamanai Mayan Center holds over 800Belize Lamanai and New River Tour structures deep in the Tropical Forest.  Lamanai (Submerged Crocodile in Mayan) was occupied as early as 1500bc, the small onsite museum where your Lamanai exploration begins once on the site holds precious artifacts spanning well over 2000 years of Mayan History.

"Getting to Lamanai is half the fun", your Exploration Excursions starts at the Port of Belize City.  The Tour will start with a short Belize City Tour which will also be given at the end of the Lamanai Tour, this tour will showcase a very large portion of the Country of Belize.

Following the Belize City drive where you will be transported in a brand new air-conditioned van 1hr North to the Orange Walk District of Belize, the drive will lead you across rivers and vast expanses of land providing you with a true Belizean Country tour.  Once at the Tower Hill Bridge you will board your boat for a spectacular boat ride upriver continuing your journey to Lamanai.  The boat tour is by far the highlight (except for the Lamanai Ruins of course but you will have to flip a coin..) of the excursions!  You will travel through miles of virgin river fauna, viewing majestic trees with overhanging air plants and colorful Orchids.  The boat ride is a wonderful opportunity for wildlife spotting as well, with 100 + variety of tropical birds and occasional fresh water crocodiles floating near the river's edge.

Your boat will dock at the Lamanai Welcome Center where your exploration will begin with your guide.  Well kept paths though ancient jungle will lead you to the monuments and Temples, Howler Monkeys relaxing on many of the huge Ceiba trees can be seen all over the site, Toucans are ever present as well as countless other bird species.  The Lamanai exploration will be approximately 1.5hrs, guiding you to the Ball Court, the Jaguar Temple and the Lag Temple where you will be able to climb 125 feet to the top and gain an unforgettable view of the whole Lamanai ruins, New River Lagoon and the vast Lamanai Archeology Reserve.

All our Guides hired for the Lamanai exploration are from Orange Walk where Lamanai is located and are thoroughly familiar with the Book of Mormon and the Lamanai connection with Lamanites.  

Your guide will guide you throughout the Mayan Temples giving you the perfect chance to discover the Land of the Maya, climbing magnificent structures and admiring some of the most intricate architectural wonders of the World with a Belizean Lunch offered at the end of you magical Tour before heading back to the Port.

The boat ride back to your van is just as spectacular, and another chance to spot wildlife of all kinds.  The boat rides offer a fantastic view of the days of Old Belize, where the rivers were the highways used for transport.  You will pass along Mennonites settlements, these are the farms and fruit production centers of Belize as well as self sustaining communities.

All excursions are organized to depart according to each individual Cruise Ship Arrival and Departure Time in Belize.  All excursion departures differ from day to day depending on the Ship in Port in order to assure an adequate meeting time at the Port as well as a safe return back to the Port before your Ship's departure.

Tips:  Wear comfortable shoes, or comfortable sandals or tennis shoes.  Sunscreen is also recommended.  Bug spray is also offered on the tour, if you have a preferred bug spray please bring it along.  A camera and/or video camera is a must on this tour, you will have many opportunities for incredible photos not to be missed!  Water, soft drinks and Lunch is all provided on the Lamanai Tour.


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Teeming with wildlife, the New River voyage to Lamanai offers a large variety of Tropical Birds, Crocodiles and beautiful Flora.


The Lag Temple will take you 125 feet high over the canopy for a fantastic view of the New River Lagoon.



The Temples of Lamanai are exciting and easy to explore.  The Temples deep in the jungle will take you back in time to the land of the Maya.



The view on top of the Lag Temple is sure worth the climb!



Wayyy up!



The lush vegetation at Lamanai, you will not believe the size of the trees!



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